Our motto:
Everything is possible if effort is supported by knowledge, enthusiasm, persistance and some good luck.

ARDEZ Pharma

Is a private trading and marketing company engaged in import, distribution and promotion of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics in the Czech Republic since 2003. Our product portfolio ranges from injectables used in intensive care to retail outpatient pharmaceuticals or specialized cosmetics. The company holds a license for distribution of pharmaceuticals in the EU, it is licensed to import and trade controlled drugs, we have an audited pharmacovigilance system. Our warehouse and offices are located in Prague.

During our existence we have cooperated with a number of significant foreign and domestic business partners. We provide them also with complete services in logistics, registration and other administrative support, e.g representation in proceedings in front of the key authorities such as the State Institute for Drug Control (SUKL) and the Ministry of Health. We also offer consulting services in the areas concerned.


In 2012, the company was comprised of 20+ employees, most of whom regularly visit clients in hospitals, pharmacies and various out-patient specialists. The organization is led by professionals with many years of previous experience in reputable pharmaceutical companies. We strive for professional growth and motivation of each of our collegues to function as a united team.

Our offer

We are interested exclusively in a long-term win-win cooperation. The size and management style of our organization allows us to flexibly respond to new challenges and in the same time to adhere to high management and ethical work standards. We combine the right level of diversification of our activities and skills with a firm targeting at selected groups of customers. Our effort is to make partnership and customer service not just empty words.

Our goals

We would like to be a strong and long-term prosperous organization, which would be a sought-after and respected partner for patients, healthcare professionals and corporations. We endeavor to strengthen our offer in the hospital segment with new modern injection products, cancer treatments, biosimilars, and other narrowly focused special preparations. We regularly update and innovate our product portfolio for selected retail audiences not only with pharmaceuticals, but also with special cosmetics, medical devices and food supplements that would bring a new quality to patient care. We are preparing an interesting range of products for further outpatient specialists, who might welcome collaboration with us.

We desire if every our patient, customer, employee and business partner felt that Ardez Pharma is his